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Spiritus Arcanum

Spiritual Protection: For Yourself & Your Home

Spiritual Protection: For Yourself & Your Home

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Stand strong in the face of adversity and lay down a fiery wall of protection around yourself and your home. Create magical wards, amulets, washes, and powders which can be used to bolster your protections against magical attacks, physical danger, natural disasters, and spiritual harm.

In this workshop we will approach magical protection from a variety of angles including prayer, incantation, and meditative/visualization techniques, well as practical techniques of crafting amulets, magical seals, and other forms of protective formulae including incenses and powders. These techniques are practical and approachable for students of any level and for any spiritual background. All are welcome.

This class was previously live streamed and recorded.

Once you purchase the class you will receive a .pdf file with a link to the video of the class and the password to access it. This video will be available for you to watch until November 30th.

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