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Super Tarot

Super Tarot

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Super Tarot | Interpret the Cards Like a Pro
by Sasha Fenton

“This is a Tarot book that will change the way you approach your readings. Instead of rote meanings and stiff spreads that only allow for a color-by-numbers approach, Super Tarot teaches you how to read as the pros do.”
—Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lad

Improve your ability to string tarot cards together to create an accurate, insightful story.

Anyone can learn the basic figures on a deck of tarot cards; but to become a truly skilled tarot reader, one must go beyond mere symbols to recognize the deeper stories the cards are telling.

This generously illustrated guide will help you gain confidence and enjoy a greatly increased understanding of the tarot deck. Chapter by chapter, you'll build skills and put that newfound knowledge to work through an assortment of practice readings, intriguing exercises, and even games.

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