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The Liminal Shore: Witchcraft, Mystery & Folklore of the Essex Coast

The Liminal Shore: Witchcraft, Mystery & Folklore of the Essex Coast

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The Liminal Shore: Witchcraft, Mystery and Folklore of the Essex Coast
by Alex Langstone
Troy Books

The Liminal Shore is a brand-new work, seeking the spookiness of the isolated salt marsh and the hidden lore of the urban shore.  Detailing and cataloguing some of the captivating cultural legends, myths, and folklore from the fascinating coastline of Essex and its eerie and brooding borderland. The author explores many remarkable old folk-narratives and traditional tales of marsh-wizardry, cunning magic, and sea-witchery, alongside some of the region’s most enigmatic spine-chilling ghost-lore. The peculiar calendar-customs and eccentric festivals are also investigated, bringing to life many of the old and often forgotten rituals of this interesting and enchanted coast. Discover such characters as Hoppin’ Tom, Mother Redcap, Cunning Murrell, Rollicking Bill and Jop Summers, who among many others form part of a rich and diverse folkloric history of this deliciously atmospheric, strange, and often unexpected coastline.

Alex Langstone was born and raised in the heart of Essex Witch Country, that low lying region of mysterious salt marshes, haunted byways and deeply cut estuaries. He has authored several books and essays about folklore, magic, and the spirit of place.

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