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The Magic of the Horseshoe, With Other Folklore Notes

The Magic of the Horseshoe, With Other Folklore Notes

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The Magic of the Horseshoe, With Other Folklore Notes
1899 Facsimile Edition
by Robert Means Lawrence
Troy Books

This charming exploration of traditional magical lore takes, as its starting point, the magical uses and traditions of the horseshoe, tracing its significance through ancient cultures, and its association with magical traditions of horns, the moon, and the serpent – all with a central focus upon the magical work of protection.

Explored also are the magical virtues of fire, iron and salt, and a wealth of charms, amulets, spirit lore, animal lore, superstitions and numerological folklore.

The Magic of the Horseshoe will be a classic and valuable resource for the practitioner of traditional and folkloric operative magic.

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