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The Red Dreaded Spindle

The Red Dreaded Spindle

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The Red Dreaded Spindle
by Sasha Ravitch
Hadean Press

In The Red Dreaded Spindle, author Sasha Ravitch forges a pact negotiated at the crossroads of Astrolatry and Stellar Witchcraft, defined by a living relationship between the Witch and her initiation into the cultus of the Stinger Stars of Scorpius. This devotional guide weaves sanguinated silk threads into a web of research and observable phenomena, case studies and pattern-tracing, scried-spirits and gnosis from visionary ecstasies. The scarlet ligatures of folklore and spirit-work featured within these pages trace a celestial blueprint through which one crafts and consecrates a devotional stellar fetish via the light-refracting arte of starry witchcrafting.
20 pgs. 

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