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The Visions of the Spaewife

The Visions of the Spaewife

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The Visions of the Spaewife | The History and Practice of Fortune-telling, and Modern Practitioners in Scotland & The Spaewife's Book
by Ash William Mills
Scottish Cunning Ways

The Visions of the Spaewife not only provides illustrations and transcriptions of two 19th century fortune-telling chapbooks: The Spaewife; or, Universal fortune-teller and The True Fortune-teller; or Universal Book of Fate, but the book explores the history of fortune-telling, divination, and the people behind these mysterious practices during 19th century Scotland.

It also details fortune-telling of the modern age, providing an insight into modern fortune-telling & divination practiced today, and the experiences of professional readers from written interviews from three reputed fortune-tellers in Scotland today.

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