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Spiritus Arcanum

Vulva Candles

Vulva Candles

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Red candles in the shape of a vulva may be used to draw a female lover to you, to heat up the libido of an existing lover, or to empower a woman’s nature and sexual potency.

Black candles in the shape of a vulva are most often used for crossing and hexing a woman’s nature and sexual health. They may be used in works to keep a woman from straying, to cause STIs, and to make a woman’s sexual appetites dwindle.

A simple method for employing such candles is to use a nail or other implement to carve it with the name and birth date of the woman whom you wish the working to target. You may then carve what you wish to happen into the candle as well. Then you may choose to carve out a small cavity in the bottom into which you may place personal effects from the target. Pubic hairs, and sexual fluids are particularly appropriate for this type of work if you are able to acquire them. The candle is then dressed with an appropriate conjure oil whilst praying for your desires to manifest and envisioning their result. The candle may then be burned straight through with intent and focused prayers. Or instead you may wish to burn it a bit each day for 8 days. Friday-Friday is appropriate for love, Tues-Tues may be an appropriate choice for power and lust, and Sat-Sat works well for hexing and malady.

Once complete store any wax remnants between your mattresses or under your bed if the work was for love or lust.

If it was done to cross or harm the target, any remnants should be left at the cemetery.

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