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Spiritus Arcanum

Wake the Dead Candle

Wake the Dead Candle

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Our Wake The Dead candles are designed to assist in works of ancestral remembrance and necromancy. To call upon, commune with, and act as an offering to spirits of the blessed and beloved dead. 

They have been emblazoned with sigils of our own design which aid this work and have been dressed with herbs and oils to call to, feed, and stabilize the dead.

As these are heavily loaded with magical materia and tend to burn with a very heavy flame, they can and will catch fire during the burn. This is normal with this design. As with all candles, Wake the Dead candles should absolutely not be left burning unattended or out of sight. They should be burned in a shallow heat proof bowl or on a good sized plate as to catch and collect melted wax and the materia the candles are loaded with. Treat this candle as a burnt offering and exercise appropriate fire safety with this in mind. See last picture for an example of what we mean.

These candles pair very well with our Necros Incense and Oil or our Ancestor Oil.

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