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Calamus Root

Calamus Root

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Calamus (Acorus calamus), also known as Sweet Flag, is used in works of domination, controlling, personal power, and luck.

Calamus is mentioned quite often in biblical and historical formulas such as Kyphi, Abramelin Oil, and the holy anointing oil mentioned in the book of Exodus - though there is some debate over the true identity of the calamus mentioned in the Bible, as the word simply means “cane” in Latin. There are many theories that the biblical calamus may have been another plant entirely with contenders as diverse as cannabis, lemongrass and gingergrass. Interestingly enough, the latter two are common components of many uncrossing and van van recipes.

The Acorus calamus species is the calamus most commonly employed in folk magic and serves in many workings for luck, jinx breaking, and for power. It is often carried in a conjure bag to increase ones commanding power and to dominate those around you. On a personal level it may also be used in works of self discipline where one needs to dominate bad habits or addictions. Calamus may also be worked with to heighten your leadership abilities, land important interviews by dominating the competition, or in works to subjugate those around you towards your desires.

One method of employing whole calamus root is to write the name/s of the person/s you wish to have control over or dominate upon a piece of paper. Next write your name over theirs so that your name is covering theirs. Then dress both the paper and the root with Command and Compel Oil, Bend Over Oil, All High Conquering Oil, or a mixture of all three. Wrap the name paper around the root while asking for assistance in your desires and praying. Appropriate psalms for overcoming enemies who stand in your way or work against you would be Psalm 48 or 83; for bending others to your will use 114. Then take a piece of black string and wrap it around the paper and root proclaiming your power and domination over those named on the paper. This should then placed in a red conjure bag, carried with you, particularly when around the person named, and fed with an appropriate oil once a week on Thursdays or Saturdays.

You will receive 1 whole calamus root

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