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Spiritus Arcanum

Chuparrosa/Hummingbird Red/Green 7 Day Candle

Chuparrosa/Hummingbird Red/Green 7 Day Candle

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This is a candle of sweetness and attraction and is designed to draw your lover towards you as a hummingbird is drawn towards nectar. And considering that a hummingbird must visit over 100 flowers a day in order to replenish the calories it is constantly burning, this candle exerts a powerful influence.

In addition to love drawing, the candle is designed to remove bad luck and misfortune so that romantic relationships may flourish in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. For works of love dress with Love Drawing, Come To Me, Cleopatra or Follow Me, Boy! oil, as well as roses, catnip or a little honey.

Read more about the magical significance of the hummingbird here

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